Part 150 Noise Study

Part 150 Overview

Dane County is updating the Noise Compatibility Plan for Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) voluntary process codified under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 150 (14 CFR Part 150 or simply “Part 150”). Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, in association with Mead & Hunt and the Jones Payne Group, was retained to assist with preparation of the two elements that make up the Part 150 study: The Noise Exposure Map (NEM) and Noise Compatibility Program (NCP).

Phase one of the Part 150 study focused on updating and completing the NEM. The NEM inventories and documents noise exposure from the annual-average daily aircraft operations for existing and forecast conditions; and the resulting land use compatibility. The NEM and its appendices have been completed and approved by the FAA; those documents can be reviewed here:

Final NEM Report:
2022 MSN NEM Report (Revision 1, PDF)
NEM Appendices:
Appendix A (PDF)
Appendix B (PDF)
Appendix C (PDF)
Appendix D-1 (PDF)
Appendix D-2 (Revision 1, PDF)


Phase two of the Part 150 study focused on the NCP; the NCP evaluates and recommends measures to address the land uses not compatible with the documented aircraft noise exposure. The implementation of the recommended measures in the NCP, once approved by the FAA, are potentially eligible for federal assistance. The NCP and its appendices have been drafted and can be reviewed here:

Draft NCP Report:
2024 MSN NCP Report (PDF)
NCP Appendices:
Appendices A-F (PDF)


Part 150 regulation prescribes specific standards and systems for:

  • Measuring noise
  • Estimating cumulative noise exposure
  • Describing noise exposure (including instantaneous, single event, and cumulative levels)
  • Identifying noncompatible land uses
  • Coordinating Noise Compatibility Program development with airport users, the FAA, land use officials and neighbors
  • Documenting the analytical process and development of the Noise Exposure Maps and Noise Compatibility Program
  • Submitting documentation to the FAA
  • Public consultation
  • FAA and public review processes
  • FAA approval or disapproval of the submission

The MSN Part 150 update will provide multiple opportunities for community engagement. Upcoming public open house dates, locations and materials will be posted on this website throughout the project. Periodic Part 150 newsletters will be prepared to share critical information with the interested public. 

Dane County Regional Airport Overview

Dane County, as the owner and operator of Dane County Regional Airport (MSN), is the sponsor of the Study. As representatives of Dane County, MSN staff have final decision-making authority regarding all aspects of the Study, including but not limited to the conduct of the Study; stakeholder engagement; the certification of the accuracy of the documentation submitted to the FAA; and the recommended measures included in the NCP. 

The 115th Fighter Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard (ANG) is located at Truax Field within MSN. The unit currently has a fleet of F-16C Block 30 fighter aircraft and one RC-26B Metroliner. The Air Force selected the 115th Fighter Wing to host the F-35A mission and receive a new fleet of F-35A Lightning II aircraft beginning in Spring of 2023. The Wisconsin ANG is planning a phased replacement of the F-16 fleet with F-35A aircraft. The Study Team will consult with the Wisconsin ANG to understand their plans for operation of F-35A aircraft during the existing (2022) and forecast year (2027) for the NEM.

MSN Part 150 Resources

Public Open House Information Boards
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Public Open House 2 - 11/14/22 (PDF)
Public Open House 3 - 6/27/23 (PDF)

Part 150 Public Newsletters
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