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Currently On Display: Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras

This retrospective exhibit, features 50 years of compelling history, captivating photographs, and intriguing Art-of-Note painted violins.  More than 5000 young musicians from more than 100 communities in southern Wisconsin have participated in WYSO during its 50 years of existence. Read more...

Impacting The Economy

Airports like Dane County Regional Airport (DCRA) provide hundreds of jobs and support the recruitment of new business. In fact, every dollar DCRA brings in generates additional dollars throughout the community.  This includes $126 million in local wages and more than $277 million in visitor spending. Each time you fly out of DCRA you play a crucial part in benefitting our local economy. In 2008, the economic impact was $233 million.  By 2014 that impact had more than doubled to over $500 million.  Read more..