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Airport Celebrates 80 Years of Commercial Flights 

When the first commercial airline flights departed Madison in 1939, no one could have imagined how air travel would take off over the next eight decades. Back then flying was a novelty for the adventurous few – only about 1 million Americans took a commercial flight in all of 1939.  Read more...

United Airlines Adds Non-stop Flight, More Seats for Football Season

United Airlines announced its 2019, college football flying schedule, adding additional seats and larger aircraft to Chicago and Denver during the University of Wisconsin football season. In addition, there will be a point-to-point flight for the Ohio State University game on October 26, 2019 to be played in Columbus, Ohio which was added to the Dane County Regional Airport October schedule. Read more...

115th Fighter Wing - F-35 Aircraft Placement Information

Learn more about the 115th Fighter Wing and the future placement of the F-35 aicraft at Truax field.

115th Fighter Wing - F16 Flight Notification System