Airport Operations

Running Smoothly From the Ground Up

DCRA snowblower clearing the runway    Close up of DCRA Striker Vehicle

FICONs and NOTAM information:

The Airport Operations Department manages the day to day operations at Dane County Regional Airport. There are 6 airport operations supervisors providing staffing 24-hours/day, 7-days a week. The airport operations supervisors possess the educational background, training, experience, and core competencies to ensure safe and efficient operations of the airport.

The Airport Operations Department’s areas of responsibilities include:

  • Regulatory Compliance
    • FAR Part 139 Compliance and Inspection
    • Transportation Security Administration Regulations
    • Dane County Ordinances
  • Emergency Response and Incident Recovery Management
  • Airfield and Terminal Inspections
    • Daily safety inspections of facilities
    • Ensure tenant and user compliance with regulations and Airport Certification Manual
    • Issue NOTAMS
    • Issue airfield condition reports
    • Promote safe operating procedures
  • Airport Security Inspections
  • Airport Security and Driver’s Training
    • Conduct Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) training for tenants and other airport users
    • Conduct general aviation security access training
    • Create and issue SIDA badges for airport tenants
    • Conduct airport driver training for movement area and non-movement areas of the airfield
  • Coordinate Snow and Ice Control
    • Inspects and coordinates airport snow removal activities in accordance with the Airport Snow and Ice Control Plan
  • Conducts Environmental Control and Monitoring
    • Conducts wildlife mitigation techniques in accordance with the Airport Wildlife Hazard Wildlife Hazard Management Plan
    • Monitors and implements noise abatement programs
  • Communication Coordination
    • Acts as primary point of contact for airport tenants and users conducting operations at the Airport
    • Coordinates, prioritizes, and routes requests for assistance from airport tenants, airport users and general public
  • Airport Construction Project Coordination