Airport Operations

Running Smoothly From the Ground Up

DCRA snowblower clearing the runway    Close up of DCRA Striker Vehicle

The Airport Operations Department manages the day to day operations at Dane County Regional Airport. There are 6 airport operations supervisors providing staffing 24-hours/day, 7-days a week. The airport operations supervisors possess the educational background, training, experience, and core competencies to ensure safe and efficient operations of the airport.

The Airport Operations Department’s areas of responsibilities include:

  • Regulatory Compliance
    • FAR Part 139 Compliance and Inspection
    • Transportation Security Administration Regulations
    • Dane County Ordinances
  • Emergency Response and Incident Recovery Management
  • Airfield and Terminal Inspections
    • Daily safety inspections of facilities
    • Ensure tenant and user compliance with regulations and Airport Certification Manual
    • Issue NOTAMS
    • Issue airfield condition reports
    • Promote safe operating procedures
  • Airport Security Inspections
  • Airport Security and Driver’s Training
    • Conduct Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) training for tenants and other airport users
    • Conduct general aviation security access training
    • Create and issue SIDA badges for airport tenants
    • Conduct airport driver training for movement area and non-movement areas of the airfield
  • Coordinate Snow and Ice Control
    • Inspects and coordinates airport snow removal activities in accordance with the Airport Snow and Ice Control Plan
  • Conducts Environmental Control and Monitoring
    • Conducts wildlife mitigation techniques in accordance with the Airport Wildlife Hazard Wildlife Hazard Management Plan
    • Monitors and implements noise abatement programs
  • Communication Coordination
    • Acts as primary point of contact for airport tenants and users conducting operations at the Airport
    • Coordinates, prioritizes, and routes requests for assistance from airport tenants, airport users and general public
  • Airport Construction Project Coordination